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Q: What is Connected2thevine (C2TV)?
A: C2TV is a is a platform system designed to give and receive financial Blessings & Healing All around the world. Our masterpiece compensation plan was developed to pay out commissions at 'lightning speed'!
Q: Can I connect to C2TV FREE?
A: Yes, you can but to qualify to earn and accumulate commissions, you need to upgrade and become a fully qualified Affiliate/Advertiser by simply making a ONE TIME initial product purchase.

Q: What is the cost to upgrade and become a fully qualified Connector?
A: There is a ONE TIME out-of-pocket start up cost of only $7.00 for your initial product purchase. All other subsequent product purchases can be made from your profits - automatically.

Q: What product or service do I receive for my $7 purchase?
A: For your purchase, you will receive a complete Marketing System that you can use to build multiple streams of life-changing income. 

You will also receive Advertising Product Packages (Banner & Text) with advertising tax credits you can apply to your online advertising.
Q: How and when are commissions paid?
A: Commissions are paid Member to Member using different merchants like Cash App, BlueBird, GooglePay and Bitcoin. You'll receive an email notification to approve payments when they are sent to you. You'll need to log into your Back Office and click on Pending Payments to track payments you've made as well as payments which have been made to you. After payments are received, they will be listed in the Approved Payments section. 

Q: Does TheVine Matrix Board-1 have re-entries?
A: No, our system is based on Member to Member payments so there are no re-entries.

Q: Do you allow to purchase multiple positions?
A: No, we do not allowed multiple positions but you may create a separate position with a different email account.

Q: Do you allow to purchase higher levels?
A: No, you must finish a level first before advancing to the next one.

Q: Am I required to refer others in order to earn commissions and bonuses?

A: No, you are not required to refer others to earn commissions. However, we ask that YOU, as an entrepreneur, become pro-active in your quest for success.

Q: Does the System software have a 'follow your downline' feature"?
A: Yes, we have a 'follow your downline' feature that is designed leave no-one behind.

Q: Can I participate in the C2TV program if I live outside of the US?
A: Yes, absolutely! As a matter of fact, C2TV is a global platform and it is our goal to add only global opportunities that benefit all our members worldwide.